There are over 130 exhibition booths related to social service, social enterprise and sustainability this year. Please visit to understand more about community partnership initiatives by meeting new friends to explore possible community partnership opportunities and CSR solutions.

  • Active Ageing
  • Connect with Small NGOs
  • Diversified Services
  • Experiential Zone
  • Family and Community Inclusion
  • Medical and Community Engagement
  • Nurture Younger Generation
  • Rehabilitation and Wellness
  • Social Enterprise
  • Sustainability


For full exhibitor list, please click here.


Floor Plan

(Please click below image for clear version.) Floor Plan


“Meet & LIKE”

To encourage guests and exhibitors forming networks and explore partnership opportunities. Let’s Meet and LIKE!



PART ONE: At the Partnership Expo 2019 (on-site activity)

  • Guests will receive one game card each upon admission
  • Guests may engage with the exhibitors and receive a sticker of respective exhibition zone
  • Stick the sticker on the corresponding colour square on the game card
  • Collect at least two different colour stickers from any two connected exhibition zone indicated on the game card and take a photo at the Photo Taking Spot 01 “Meet & Snap” Area
  • Put the game card into the collection box at “Meet & Snap” Area and complete the game!

*For any enquiries, you are welcome to visit the information counter in the “Meet & Snap” Area.


PART TWO: Facebook Vote (online activity)

After the completion of the Partnership Expo, the exhibiting organisations can submit posts to "The Caring Company" Facebook page to review the event. Those who are not able to come to the Expo can still browse our Facebook page from 27 May to 10 June 2019, "share" or "like" your favourite organisations or booths and cast your vote!



The Expo Organiser will collect the game cards and count the number of votes of the participating organisations. Together with the number of “like” and “share” of the posts of the organisations, a total score will be calculated to identify the exhibiting organisation with the highest scores in each exhibition zone. Winners will receive attractive prizes (please refer to the Expo Organiser's email for details).


Instant Charitable Photo Shoot & Print X Partnership

Canon Photo Booth
Canon Photo Booth

Visitors are welcome to take photos with your partners to capture the precious moment!

Please come to meet at the Photo Depot, sponsored by Canon, where you can enjoy the instant photo shooting & printing service with your partners. All proceeds, without any cost deduction, will be donated to charitable organisation.


Certificate collection X Photo taking

Certificate collection

Awardees would collect one set of the certificate and “CSR Times Special Issue- Caring Company Special Edition” with the "Collection Voucher" from the Collection Counter.

Photo Backdrop

Capture your memorable moments at the Photo Depots with your partners. Our photographers are stationed to grasp your smiles.