The Caring Company Partnership Expo

“Caring Company Partnership Expo” is the annual signature event of the Caring Company Scheme which provides a precious opportunity for business and social services sectors to explore new community partnership opportunities, as well as to further strengthen the cooperation in the implementation of of corporate social responsibility (CSR) plans.


Social Needs X-perience
A new “Social Needs X-perience” zone allows participants to experience and visualize social needs through interactive devices.


Exhibition snap shots in 2016
Nowadays, the Expo has become a signature annual event with over 120+ exhibition booths and 3,000+ participants.


Exhibition snap shot in 2009
To bring new experience to participants, annual ceremonial activity was transformed to Caring Company NGO Partnership Day with over 60 exhibition booths.


Networking corner
Networking corner at Caring Company Recognition Ceremony with 40 exhibition booths.


Networking session
The networking session was introduced in the Caring Company Recognition Ceremony for the first time in 2004. There were about 20 exhibition booths as showcase of NGOs’ services.